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Blink-182 Music Video Minimalist Posters [1/3]

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22.Aug.14 5 days ago

It finally arrived to Venezuela! Disgusting by @beartoothband


// counterparts //

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the front bottoms twin size mattress

make sure you kiss your knuckles before you punch me in the face

there are lessons to be learned, consequences for all the stupid things i say

and it is no big surprise that you turned out this way

the spark in her eyes, the look on your face

i will not be late.

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21.Aug.14 6 days ago

also if you want, you can add me on snapchat tho


21.Aug.14 6 days ago

shit i almost send a wrong photo to snapchat history 😅

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The Front Bottoms - Maps

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So I went looking at Gordon Ramsay videos and found this and laughed for about 10 minutes.

That one time youtube out-tumblred tumblr

And not a single bruh was given that day.

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what the fffffffffffffffheck

me trying to be more family friendly (via gnarly)

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